To live sustainably and save money solar energy systems must receive regular maintenance. This is true of all technologies too. Sooner problems can be avoided by being aware of when your solar panels require maintenance. The following are the top 10 indicators that your solar panels may require maintenance:

  • Decreased Energy Production

Your system may have malfunctioning panels if you observe a noticeable decrease in energy output. You can identify any inconsistencies sooner by keeping an eye on your monthly bills and the amount of energy your solar inverter produces. 

  • Visible Damage to Panels

Physical damage to panels such as scratches or cracks can occur over time or after extreme weather. Any obvious damage has to be fixed right away because it can reduce your solar panel’s efficiency. 

  • Inverter Displaying Error Codes

Your solar power systems inverter is its brain. The indication that something might not be working correctly is clear if error codes appear. These codes may represent a variety of problems from electrical malfunctions to total system failures. 

  • Dirty or Cloudy Panels

The efficiency of your system can be greatly decreased by panels that are covered in dirt debris or bird droppings. Excessively dirty panels may also be a sign of inadequate weather sealing or other structural problems even though routine cleaning is an essential part of maintenance. 

  • Age of the Solar Panels

In general solar panels last between 25 and 30 years. Their efficiency naturally decreases with age. It could be time to think about repairs or replacements if your panels are getting close to the end of their anticipated lifespan and are performing less well. 

  • Shading Issues

Your panel’s output may be greatly impacted by unexpected shadows cast by newly constructed structures nearby or by mature trees. If moving the panels around is not a practical option expert assistance may be required to come up with a solution. 

  • Frequent Electrical Surges

Frequent power surges can damage your home’s solar panel systems. These spikes have the potential to shorten the life and quality of your panels as well as your inverter. 

  • Corrosion in Wiring and Connections

With time especially in damp or salty conditions the wiring and connections in your solar panel system may corrode. The system’s overall performance may be lowered by this corrosion which can obstruct the flow of electricity. 

  • Water Accumulation

Water pooling around or under your panels could be a sign that something is wrong with the mounting and drainage system. If water seeps into the panel enclosures or electrical components it can result in serious damage. 

  • Unexpectedly High Electricity Bills

You may be using more electricity from the grid and your solar panels are not producing enough power if you notice an abrupt increase in your electricity bills. This may be the result of several of the previously listed problems and needs to be evaluated by a professional. 


To maximize your energy savings and positive environmental impact, maintain the efficiency of your solar panels. Contact a professional if you observe any issues. Prompt problem-solving and identification will also increase the lifespan of your solar panels.

At Streamline Energy, it is our team’s mission to provide excellent service and guarantee optimal performance from your solar system. Visit our website or contact us now to book a service or for additional information. We are focused on securing your sustainable energy future.

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