Businesses and homes should install solar energy systems if they want to lower their carbon footprint and eventually save money on electricity costs. To guarantee that your solar panels function at their peak for the duration of their life, keeping them clean and well-maintained is crucial. Thoroughly clean your solar panels as part of your routine maintenance. 

Maximising Energy Efficiency

Clean solar panels increase energy efficiency. Debris, like dust, pollen, leaves, and bird droppings, stop sunlight from reaching solar cells. Even a thin layer of dirt reduces energy production. In dry or dusty areas, dirt and debris can cause solar panels to lose over 20% of output.

Extending Panel Lifespan

Solar panels work better and last longer when they are kept clean. The accumulation of dirt and debris causes hot spots, which can shorten the system’s lifespan and cause damage. By keeping the panels clean, heat spots and other kinds of wear and tear that can develop over time can be reduced. 

Economic Benefits

Ensuring optimal performance, maximising electricity generation, and minimising expenses necessitates regular maintenance and cleaning of your solar panels. Regular maintenance can also help prevent expensive repairs or replacements that may be required if panels are not properly cleaned and inspected. 

Maintaining Warranty Coverage

Many solar panel manufacturers require regular maintenance to maintain their warranties. Disregarding these maintenance guidelines may result in damaged warranties, which may not cover future malfunctions or defects. Keeping your warranty valid and making sure that these terms are followed by routine cleaning provides financial stability and peace of mind. 

Professional vs. DIY Cleaning

While homeowners can clean their solar panels, risks are involved, especially when handling them without breaking them and climbing roofs. Expert solar panel cleaning services possess the expertise and tools necessary to thoroughly clean your panels in a secure and efficient manner. They can also regularly check for maintenance issues or damage that might not be visible from the ground. 

When to Clean Your Solar Panels

Clean your solar panels twice a year for optimal performance. Factors such as location, installation angle, and local weather affect cleaning frequency. However, you might need to clean them more frequently if you live with dust or bird droppings. 

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