In Victoria, the sight of solar panels gracing rooftops has become increasingly common, marking a significant shift towards sustainable living. Approximately 15% of homes in this region are now harnessing the sun’s power, enjoying reduced energy bills and contributing to environmental conservation. Despite these advantages, many households have yet to embrace solar electricity systems. With the Solar Homes rebate available, it’s a reasonable time for more Victorians to consider switching.

Installing Solar has Financial Benefits

The financial aspect of solar energy is a critical consideration for many. The question often arises: will the savings on electricity bills justify the cost of installing a solar system? The answer lies in calculating the system’s payback time, which is the duration it takes for the savings from your electricity bills to cover the installation cost. Furthermore, it’s essential to consider the annual bill savings post-payback period to understand the long-term financial benefits. The Victorian Energy Compare website, supported by DEECA Energy, offers a Solar Calculator tool to aid these calculations.

With the Solar PV rebate, homeowners in Victoria can expect a payback period between three and five years. Without the refund, the timeframe extends to seven to nine years, influenced by location, energy tariffs, and household consumption patterns.

Each System Installed Helps the Environment

Environmental sustainability is a significant motivator for many opting for solar energy. While solar system production involves using resources, such as lithium for batteries, their ecological impact is considerably less than that of fossil fuel-generated electricity. Solar systems emit no greenhouse gases during electricity generation or storage, helping to lower household carbon footprints and mitigate climate change. Excess solar energy not used by the household is fed back into the grid, reducing the environmental impact.

Why Install a Solar Electricity System at Home?

Using Solar to Change Your Electricity Usage

Adapting electricity usage habits can maximize the benefits of solar energy. By shifting energy consumption to midday or using solar batteries to store excess energy, households can optimize their solar system’s efficiency. When paired with solar PV, energy-efficient heat pumps can absorb generated energy throughout the day, storing it for hot water needs, leading to additional savings.

Solar PV Checklist: What to Consider Before Buying a System

  • Check your eligibility for the Solar PV rebate.
  • Ensure your system can connect to the grid.
  • Understand the different types of solar panels.
  • Learn about the importance of a quality inverter.
  • Consider future battery system integration.
  • Assess your household’s energy usage.
  • Determine the appropriate system size.
  • Choose a reputable retailer.
  • Carefully review quotations.
  • Seek a comprehensive warranty.


Installing a solar electricity system is a forward-thinking decision that offers numerous benefits, from significant cost savings to contributing positively to the environment. Streamline Energy is your go-to partner if you’re considering switching to Solar. Specializing in renewable energy, mechanical and electrical installations, solar maintenance, and repairs, we are committed to delivering efficient, effective, and high-quality services. For all your electrical needs, contact us today and take a step towards a sustainable and financially savvy future.

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